Design Area: 10 Lies That Tell You

Confira as 10 mentiras te contam sobre a área de Design e que você sempre acredita

Yeah, td bele?

There are certain lies or half-truths that we hear every single day about Design area. The fact is, most only serve to discourage you. These untruths do not tell the reality, as they always show only one side of the story.

Every area, every profession, every segment has positive and negative points. However, there is often a lot of emphasis on negatives turning them into real monsters that haunt Designers, especially beginners. In the Design segment, it is normal to hear things like:

  • Design doesn't make money
  • Design is very easy to learn
  • nephews prostitute the market
  • Only those with higher education can be considered a designer.
  • design is design
  • among so many other things

But things don't work like that: 8 or 80. There's always a middle ground, I'm always afraid of the other side, etc. And then something inexpressive or playful that is repeated several times ends up becoming an absolute truth, creating a whole unreal scenario.
And it was just thinking about that that I recorded this video. In it I expose my point of view about these “lies” that surround any conversation about the Design area.
This does not mean (nor is that the pretension) that I am the owner of the truth and that they are 100% lies. Some may be "half-truths". The idea is to show another point of view and reflect on the points raised in the video.

So relax, grab a coffee, watch the video, reflect and draw your conclusions 😀

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Design: 10 lies about the area that counts for you



And you, what do you think? Was there any missing lie? Are there more things from the Design area that I could include in this list? Leave your opinion 😀

Share your opinion and/or experience leaving your comment below, okay? 😀

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Strong hug.

Until later.

David Arty

Hi I am David Arty, founder from the blog Chief of Design.
I am from São Paulo, Brazil. I work with design, mainly with web design, since 2009. I try to transform crazy and complex ideas into simple, attractive and functional pieces.