UI Design Course – Everything you need to know to choose the best training

How to evaluate and choose the best UI Designer course without fear of being disappointed in the future

UI Design Course - How to choose?

"Eae? Everything bele?"

If you have come this far looking for information on UI Design Course is because you may have already realized that people are interacting on interfaces that go beyond traditional websites.

And possibly concluded that there are opportunities for qualified professionals to create interfaces for the different existing devices. These devices are objects of desire of much of the public interested in modern technologies. Isn't that right?

So this article aims to guide you who want to qualify and is looking for a good UI Course, which can help you enter the area with greater confidence.

In this article you will know:

So we're going to the content? Before I just want to remind you that we have our own UI Design course, if you are interested in accessing cursouidesign.com.br .

Now let's learn 😀

What does a UI Designer do?

If you already know what a Designer UI does you can now move on to the next topic.

UI Design stands for User Interface Design.

The professional UI Designer elaborates, creates, and plans the interface by which a person (usually called a user) interacts and controls a particular device. This device can be a system, software, product, service, application, etc.

During the process of planning and creating the interface the UI Designer will use knowledge from various disciplines.

This professional works a lot with the visual part of a project, however the result of the actions goes beyond aesthetics/appearance. The main focus, above all, should always be how the interaction between the user and the interface will be performed to ensure a good user experience.

Ux Design Ui Design - Illustrative image of a UI Designer prototyping a project
Illustrative image of a UI Designer prototyping a project.Por MIND AND I /Shutterstock

If you want to know more about what a Designer UI does and about the job market for this professional give a checked in this article.

Types of UI Designer Courses

Courses are a great way for you to acquire a specific knowledge. And depending on the type, it can have content that goes straight to the point and updated to the needs of the market.

But one thing you should always keep in mind, especially in areas related to Design. A course will be very important when, at the end, or in the course of it, you can demonstrate what you have learned in practice. That is, the qualification depends a lot on your effort and from there the course will have value in your curriculum.


For those looking for a higher education degree, there is no specific faculty of UI Designer, nor even technical course.

A normal way would be to do the Faculty of Graphic Design, or act even without a college degree as a Graphic Designer, and hence look for training in the area of UI Design.

So the guys we find are the free courses and specializations.

Free courses and specializations

Starting with specializations, they are aimed at people who have already completed graduation and who seek to obtain in-depth knowledge in a professional area.

Entretanto os cursos disponíveis para formação de UI Designers são cursos de UX Design que inclui na grade conhecimentos de UI Design.

Next I leave a video that explains the differences and similarities between the UI and UX Design areas.

So for you who want a more objective and specific training in UI Design the free courses, whether online or face-to-face, are the most indicated.

We here in Chief of Design have the UI Design Course. In our UX/UI course you learn how to create digital interfaces that provide the best experiences to users and that will bring you greater visibility in the job market.

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What should I evaluate when choosing a UI Design course?

A very important thing you should keep in mind; no course will teach you everything about the area and the profession.

It is your mission to always keep up to date through courses, books, internet content, events, contacts with other professionals and especially experiencing in practice.

Searching by UI Designer Course

But some things can rather be taken into consideration when you are researching a UI Design Course that can meet your needs. I will now pass some items for you to evaluate at the time of choice.

Does the course offer Design Fundamentals content?

You may know these fundamentals well and it would make no difference to the presence of content about them in a course. However, being offered, shows that the training cares about the public who never had access to the basics to understand the area, and this empathy with the user is a good sign. That's because it's a thought that goes against ui design.

Not to mention that the presence of these contents is for you can strengthen your knowledge if you want.

Does the course offer content of concepts related to Human-computer Interaction?

I don't know if all courses are in the cross-section of these concepts. But as the UI Design area is understood as UI Design, we can understand that knowledge of the IHC area is welcome because they relate the user and the interface, which are protagonists of the interaction.

Does the course cover concepts that go beyond creating beautiful-looking screens?

The concepts presented in the course should focus primarily on the interactions and usability of an interface.

Does the course teach you how to mess with the main editing tools applied to UI Design?

When the focus is on building digital interfaces it is interesting the course offer content on tools such as Sketch app, Adobe XD, Figma, among others, even if in an introductory way.

Other Points to Consider Before Purchasing a UI Design Course

Especially if the course you are researching is online (most of it is) it is interesting to check some requirements that benefit your learning. Among them I note:

  • If access is unlimited, and you can view and review the classes as many times as you deem necessary by the contracted deadline.
  • If the content sits on a 24-hour on-air platform, and you can attend classes anytime and anywhere you have a device with internet access.
  • If the course is certified.
  • If the course has a minimum warranty period so you can evaluate the content to see if that's what you want, and if it meets your needs.
  • If the course offers a plus that benefits your learning as bonus content that complements the main content of the course, or some community for student interaction and support.


So that's it, Galucho! These are considerations that we believe are important when researching UI Design Courses. And we'd like you to report what you think is important when choosing a course.

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And meet our UI Design Course. In this UX/UI course you learn how to create digital interfaces that provide the best experiences to users and that will bring you greater visibility in the job market.

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