Why shouldn't you go to design school now?

See why you shouldn't go to design school if you're starting your journey now!

Yeah, td bele?

In this new video I point out a few points to tell you why you shouldn't join a designer college Graph if you are still taking your first steps.

A lot of people ask me about what college to do, about when to do it and so on. I believe it's good to do a college degree. I myself have a degree in Graphic Design, but I think everything has its time and maybe for those who are starting now it is not so effective to get into college.

For those who are starting now their journey it may be much more useful to invest such a money in other things such as learning another language, free course, online courses, books, etc. It is possible to study on account and learn a lot in this way. It is possible to study on account and enter the labor market.

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Basics of Visual Design Course

So watch the video below!

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And if you've already decided on area, I suggest you watch this my other video about faculty of design where I speak to why you MUST go to design school.

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