Essential tools for the designer's daily life

Software and physical objects fundamental to the daily life of the designer

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The profession of designer grows every day, making the job market full and crowded. It is necessary to stand out among so many well qualified professionals, but for this it is necessary to be an expert in the area, knowing how to work well with the different tools available, especially on the Internet.

A readiness tip is to save the most used sites in folders your browser's favorites. This will make it easier at work.

Essential software and websites

A Adobe family will be your daily companion in your works. Among the numerous programs available by the platform, some will be indispensable to you:


One of the most used tools in the world, Photoshop is considered the market leader of professional image editors. With it you can manipulate, correct and commake what you want and how you want.


Another important software from Adobe, Illustrator focuses on creating vector objects, and can increase or decrease your gear without loss of quality (other than Photoshop). With the tool you can produce illustrations, logos, among other elements, whether 2D or 3D.


InDesign is the ideal tool to work with the publishing of projects such as books, magazines, newspapers, ebooks, infographics and other formats.


Knowing how to work with colors correctly is something essential for the design professional, after all, it is the basis of any graphic creation.

Adobe Color

Adobe itself has a color platform. Completely free of charge, with the Adobe Color you will be able to consult and comport as you please, easily applying color harmony without error.


On this site you will have help with which tones to use in your projects. In the community, the COLOURlovers allows you to create, share, and download custom palettes, specific colors, and textures.


Another very important part for those who work with design is typography. Found a cool font in some image, but don't know which one to use in your projects? the WhatTheFont was created exactly to help you! take one printscreen of the image and send to the site; based on this information, the site will tell you which source was used.

Google Fonts

Mandatory for every good designer, the Google Fonts is a library of free and licensed sources. For those who work with website design is even better, because the fonts "hosted" on it have a faster loading to the sites.


Although the designer can create the project from scratch, he will often need ready-made images, and the best place for this is the image banks. There are many famous and paid banks, such as the Shutterstock, but you can find platforms with great and free content.

THE Pexels has thousands of images of the highest quality and totally free, but it is necessary to do the searches in English, so if you do not have knowledge of the language or simply prefer to work with Portuguese, the Pixabay will be an excellent choice.


Another very important item in the designer's life, the icons will be present at all times. the Freepik is one of the most famous sites in this medium. It has a huge free range, ranging from icons, images and vectors. Another good option is the Flaticon. In it you will find icons that have the same visual identity or that are part of a specific group.

Physical objects

Obviously you will need a computer (or notebook) to do your daily work. Can you work only with the mouse? absolutely! But you can trust that every good designer will have a digitizing table. With it your performance will increase completely, leaving the mouse only as a complement to your day to day!

With the table you will be able to perform more precise movements, leaving your projects much more professional and beautiful.

You'll also need a good chair to handle the various hours of work in front of the computer. That's why it's very important to choose the right chair. We here of the Chief indicate Elements Gaming Chairs.

See a review about Elements chairs here in this other article and get a super discount coupon to buy your chair.

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Final Considerations.

There are many other items that are part of a designer's daily life and that can vary according to the niche you operate and also the need for the project.

So make a list of what you need to act in the most productive and comfortable way.

And do not forget that in addition to investing in programs and equipment, it is necessary to learn design so that you can use all these items at their maximum.

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