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O Pixel Show é o maior festival de criatividade, da América Latina. Garanta o seu ingresso com 20% de desconto.


Eae, everything is fine?

Today's article is to talk about thePixel Show 2019: the largest festival of creativity in Latin America, and one of the largest in the world. The event is making 14 years of history with a lot of inspiration and creativity over time.

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What is the Pixel Show?

The Pixel Show is a festival focused on art, designcreativity and technology. The event has been on the events calendar since 2005 and is organized by Zupi.

The Pixel Show takes place every year in São Paulo. This year 2019 will take place on 10 and 11 November. The chosen location is the Pro Magno– Events center and Pavilion of Fairs and Exhibitions here in São Paulo.

The Pro Magno is at the address:
Avenida Professora Ida Kolb, 513- Jardim Das Laranjeiras.

You can check out Google Maps below:

During these 14 years of event have passed famous and important names of creative areas. This year, the event already has the confirmed participation of renowned artists in the areas of illustration, motion graphics, graphic design, comics, 3D, visual arts, graffiti, fashion, architecture, product design, FX, make-up, cinema, games and more.

Pixel Show 2019 includes workshops, live painting, bands, simulators, exhibitions and art and technology fair. If you enjoy creation, design, art and everything it involves, don't miss the biggest creative event in the country.

In a lecture circuit that presents cases, trends and portfolios of renowned Brazilian and international creatives, the Pixel Show has as its central theme:Trends, Inspirations, Creative Economy and building our legacyand discusses current themes about contemporary art and the labor market, inspiring and motivating young people and experienced professionals.

Why go to Pixel Show 2019?

Pixel Show 2019 is one of the best sources of oxygenation for creatives in the world. At the event, you can learn about new methods, creative processes, experiences, amazing stories, as well as share ideas with the "Art Stars" and participants from all corners of Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Portugal etc.

The event can be a great opportunity to learn from lectures, workshops and presentations, as well as the possibility of networking with other professionals in your area and co-related areas.

The majority of the Pixel Show audience is made up of designers, professionals and students. Another portion is filled with professionals from other creative areas (Advertising and Advertising, Arts, Photography) as well as passionate and admirers for art, innovation and design.

Pixel Show 2019

Everyone who is interested in creativity, innovation, a better future for our country and world should sign up for the Pixel Show 2019. Each passing year the focus of the event becomes clearer, what we creatives can do to solve the problems we live, what we can leave heritage to our children and how we can use our diversity for the sake of a more disruptive planet.

The event thinks and discusses how the various creative areas such as design, graphic design, web, television, photography, publishing, advertising, fine arts, cinema, illustration, fashion, music, VR, multimedia, street art, corporate identity, 3D and other manifestations can leave a legacy.

The speakers are carefully chosen by the Zupi team and the festival board, where great professionals and creative market talents are sure to be present.

Regardless of your level of experience, whether you are student, intern, company director, art collector, inventor, curious or dreamer, the Pixel Show Festival expands, with each passing year, the perspective of what is discussed at the event, such as innovation and technology, cities, what the social can do to change the world, art, design, music , entrepreneurship, collecting and more.

In addition, art collectors, publisher owners, advertising agencies and design studios visit the event looking for new artists, references and news. As students and professionals come to the event to be inspired, learn, look and think about what we can do to develop as people, country, world. Fill up with ideas and find out how to leave your legacy in this world.

How to participate in Pixel Show 2019?

PIxel Show 2019 has free and other paid spaces. See below:

  • CONFERENCE/LECTURES: PAID - admission is required to access the main auditorium and the themed rooms (more than 300 lectures).
  • WORKSHOPS: PAID - admission to each workshop separately (limited vacancies) is required.
  • BANDS: FREE - you only need to be accredited at the entrance of the event.
  • FAIR: FREE - you only need to be accredited at the entrance of the event.
  • GASTRONOMIC FAIR: FREE - you only need to accredit yourself at the entrance of the event.
  • SHARP TALKS: FREE - you only need to accredit yourself at the entrance of the event.
  • SPACE MAKERS: FREE - you only need to accredit yourself at the entrance of the event.
  • SIMULATORS and VR: FREE - you only need to be accredited at the entrance of the event.
  • LIVE PAINTING AND PERFORMANCE: FREE - you only need to be accredited at the entrance of the event.
  • KIDS SPACE: FREE - you only need to be accredited at the entrance of the event.

Despite the possibility of participating free of charge, the treasure of the event is in the paid part, which are the lectures and workshops. You have the possibility to choose to participate only in some workshop, only the lectures, or simply everything.

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Check out a video below about how the Pixel Show Event was the previous year.

How to secure a ticket to Pixel Show 2019?

The following is a step by step:

1- Access the website: https://pixelshow.co

2 - In the top menu go to the ticket option and then choose "BUY TICKET".


3- On the ticket screen choose the desired option. If you choose workshops, a new screen will open with all available workshops. Just choose what you want and then click on buy ticket.

4 - On the checkout screen, enter the promocodeCDPS19 in the COUPON field.

5 - Confirm the data and done. Your ticket is guaranteeing and welcome to the Pixel Show 2019.

What are you waiting for?

The Pixel Show is a mega event, with several learning and networking opportunities. Whenever I can I participate in events like this, because there is always something of value to add to my career and business.

If you have the possibility, come join the Pixel Show. And if you come to the event, send a direct on our instagram that we see you there and exchange an idea.

Even if you don't have the money to participate in the lectures and workshops, surely only the visit to the fair and all the free spaces are already worth it.

And remember: when buying the ticket enter the promocodeCDPS19 in the CUPOM field, on the checkout screen, to guarantee a discount on the ticket price.

Until later.

Strong hug.

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