Is it worth being a Web Designer?

Tem trabalho na área de Web Design mesmo com a existência do Wix e afins?

Yeah, td bele?

Did it? it pays to be a web designer? Será que ainda vale a pena trabalhar com Web Design? Are there still opportunities even the existence of software like Wix and the like?

It is usually these types of questions that plague those who want to join the area. So I created a video where I talk about it and about how the growth of the internet can result in opportunities for those who work in creation for the digital medium.

The reality is who there are opportunities and it is still worth being Web Designer. Of course it is not easy for anyone, but usually the area of technology is affected a little less. And if you want to prove it, just do a quick Google search.

Lack of quality workmanship. And you can add all this up with Brazil's delay in these areas. It is all very recent in the world, compared to other professions, especially here in Tupiniquins lands.

In addition to being recent, advances fly and the way we did sites 7 years ago is different from how we created today in 2017. And how different it will be in 2027, 2037 and so on.

So if you can start as soon as possible, the better. And of course, you should always be aware of the news, always studying to catch up.

In fact there are several myths and hasty ideas about the creative area in general. Then watch the video below and draw your own conclusions:


Of course I don't have the truth and you can think for yourself. The idea here is to just share and grow together, bro? 😀

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David Arty

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