Web Designer Needs to Know Programming?

Does a Designer need to know how to program? What are the differences between a Web Designer and a Developer?

Yeah, td bele?

One of the most important questions for me is whether a Web Designer need to know how to program (develop). I also realize that there is a certain "phobia of codes", especially from the guys that come from Graphic Design.

Usually the code part is associated with extremely difficult mathematical calculations, which is just a nerd thing, etc. And in fact all of this is much more of a balela than reality. That kind of thinking is getting smaller, but there are still people who think so. Especially the creative crowd that comes from design, advertising and communication. It is even something somewhat paradox, because usually such areas paras should have an open mind to new technologies and trends.

Because of this wrong idea, many people who could be working with Design Web ends up giving up even before it starts.

Thinking about it, I recorded a video to clarify once and for all this issue. I know that it is difficult to find content on the Internet of people who work in the area of technology and that comes from creation.

Of course I'm not the real lord, but in this video I try to pass on my experience and insight into this issue.

So if you intend to join the Web Design area, acting as an Interface Designer, creating layouts of websites and digital interfaces, I strongly suggest that you watch the video below that I recorded for you. Check:


I hope you enjoy the video and that it will be useful to you in your journey 😀

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