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Another video from the channel's interviews. This was the first chat performed in person (not to be via hangout). That's why he's so special. The At today's Chief's table was withDesigner Emerson Medeiros.

Emerson Medeiros is a Designer here in São Paulo/SP. He is the creator of thecourse called Design for Events, which has more than 200 students.

We met at Cafeteria Powerful Cafezinho here in São Paulo, to talk a little about the profession. We talked about many things like:

  • the freelance market;
  • design faculty;
  • beginner errors;
  • designer mentality;
  • nephews in the market;
  • apprenticeship;
  • entrepreneurship in design;
  • among many other things.

Emerson has extensive know-hall in the area of Event Design. And although he was young, he never worked as an employee and has always been an entrepreneur from the beginning. Soon also has a broad knowledge when it comes to entrepreneurship.  .

Check out the full interview below and enjoy:

About Designer Emerson Medeiros

Emerson Medeiros is a student, designer, Christian, teacher, entrepreneur and very dreamy.

He has been working professionally with design since 2014, and since then seeks to improve and acquire more and more knowledge. Today in addition to absorbing, also seeks to share what he learned every day, I've been doing it through videos, online courses, blog articles and ebooks.

Get to know Emerson Medeiros' work:

➡ Instagram:
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➡ Youtube:
➡ Behance:


Cafeteria the Powerful Cafezinho.


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