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Another review of a great book distributed by the publisher GG Brazil. Eu estou falando do Livro Redescubra a Fotografia de Demetrius Fordham.

I bring here a review of the book for you who is interested in this work, plus a super discount when buying a copy of this book.

Below learn more about the book:)

The Book Rediscover Photography

As the name itself already delivers, the book is about photography. And during the book you learn techniques and trick to take amazing and creative photographs.

At first it may seem that the book is a technical work or rules to follow.

But the book goes far from it. It obviously has techniques and tools, but the main thing about the book is about photographic vision and creative composition. And that may be the strong bridge of the book.

The author at various times urges you to think differently. Have a creative photographic vision. That's mainly what the book is about. And you realize this intention at various times and even in titles like "Put your camera aside" or "What's the story?"

Book Rediscover Photography - Summary

Even at various times the author Demetrius Fordham, encourages the reader to break the known rules, as in the subtitle "Forget the rule of thirds". And it may seem somewhat bold and superb, but it's not about complementaryly ignoring such a rule or never using it, but opening your mind to other possibilities within photography.

Conceptual photos, blurred, in perspective, different angles, in double exposure... Anyway are many examples and tips.

In addition to examples, the book also proposes practical and creative exercises. The idea is that you don't just stick to theory and effectively put into practice everything that was passed on in the book.

Is it worth purchasing the Rediscover Photography Book?

It is a book above all about photographic and creative vision. The author does not attach himself to traditional rules, on the contrary. Throughout the book he stimulates creative photography.

The idea is that you rediscover photography and intensively explore the world of photography.

The book is definitely worth it, regardless of whether you are professional in the field or not.

Check out a preview of the book here.

Book Rediscover Photography - Photo

If you liked it and are interested in the book, you can purchase it at a discount. And I don't know when you'll be reading this article, but know that I can't guarantee that the book in stock, so we omo your discount, will last forever.

So in case the book has caused you interest, I have a discount for you. For this just register on this on the website of Editora GG Brazil using this link (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DISCOUNT)

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Leave your comatose below about your experience with the Book. Have you read the Book Rediscover the Photography Liked?

Below I leave a video from gg Brazil showing more about the book.

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